Posted by: karengberger | September 24, 2009

Katie’s Quilt – a Free Pattern

Here’s an easy pattern for sewing a simple quilt, like Katie’s.  To make one blanket, you will need:

«     1 yard Cotton Flannel

«     1 yard Cotton Quilt Fabric, color-coordinated with the flannel

«     1 package of  Wright’s Satin Blanket Binding 4.75 yds. (4.35 m), 100% polyester,

color-coordinated with the fabrics

«     1 yard of  ¾ to 1” thick Batting (not cotton)

«     Thread to match

* Wash & dry both pieces of fabric. If one piece is larger than the other, lay that piece, right-side down, on your work surface. Smooth it out from the center to the edges; place the batting on top of it. Lay the other piece of fabric on top of the batting, right side up; smooth out the wrinkles.

*Pin all 3 layers together in at least 5 places in the middle & around the quilt. Trim the edges so that the 3 pieces are all the same size.

 *Unwrap the satin binding. Starting at one corner of the quilt, pin the binding around each side, with the points of the pins facing the outside edge of the blanket. When you come to a corner, fold the binding to make the turn (a mitred corner). You are sandwiching the 2 layers of fabric & the batting between the 2 layers of the satin binding. Pin all four sides of the quilt with blanket binding, turning the end of the binding under & overlapping the beginning with the end piece. 

*Using a strong zigzag stitch, sewalong the edges of the binding, all of the way around the blanket. Check the underside of the binding to be sure that you are capturing it as you are sewing the top. When you get to the end of the blanket binding, you may fold the binding under & stitch it closed, or finish it as you like, to make a clean seam.

*In the center of the quilt, stitch by machine (or by hand) where your pins are tacking the three layers in place. Do this at least 5 times (quilting) to keep the batting from shifting with wear (& love & washing). Please TRIPLE-CHECK your quilt for stray pins before donating it to the Volunteer Office at Seattle Children’s Hospital – this is vital for patients’ safety!

Katie’s Comforters Guild invites you to join us!You can sew, crochet, knit or use fleece to make blankets for new patients at Seattle Children’s Hospital. You can raise funds, or donate funds, gift cards & new materials. Any form of help that suits you is welcome! Our goal is to supply the entire hospital with homemade blankets for comfort, on an ongoing basis.

 Katie used her quilt as a:

* reminder of home       *cloak, to hide under

*mask, to block smells that bothered her       *lap blanket, to warm her legs

*coat, to keep warm               *blinder, to avoid unpleasant sights

*bathrobe, over her pjs        *distraction, studying it instead of watching procedures

 Blessings to you!



  1. Please let me know what’s the optimum size for a fleece blanket, whether or not it’s going to have to stand up to hot dryer heat, and whether it’s preferable to do a one thickness or a two thickness blanket.


  2. Dear Laughing Horse,

    Thank you for asking! The best size is anything from a yard to two yards long. Single- or double-thickness fleece are both fine, and it might be put in a dryer by the patient’s family. In my dryer, fleece can only go on the “air fluff” setting.

    Since I had difficulty navigating in wordpress, I have moved the site from wordpress to blogger at

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